Cook for students – Join the student cooking corner!

Would you like to share your local cuisine with other students, and provide healthy and sustainable food options during lunch? The Student Cooking Corner by Green Office Wageningen gives you the opportunity to cook and sell your food at the Forum canteen, every Wednesday during lunch time. All money from sales is yours!

If you have ideas for sustainable dishes (vegan, vegetarian, local, seasonal), you can sign up in the link below. This week on Wednesday 23.1 we will be serving Pilau and Kachumbari – a traditional Kenyan meal made of spiced rice with bean stew and a tomato and onion salad. See you there!


Join the kick-off of the Circular Farming Platform Wageningen on the 18th of January from 12.30 – 13.30 in the Speakers Corner in Impulse!

Green Office Wageningen finds that Wageningen University & Research should be a frontrunner in the transition from productivity to circularity in farming systems all over the world. Being part of the Circular Farming Platform Wageningen, you can follow the developments on this topic and participate in the dialogue yourself!

Find the event on facebook

Green Impact Volunteers: improve sustainability at WUR!
Do you want to work with staff and other students to make WUR a more just and greener institution? Do you want to improve your employability skills in project management and leadership? Join Green Impact and get more info here!

New: carpooling group

Do you travel by car to Wageningen, and would like some company to share the ride (and costs)? Join the Wageningen University Carpooling group to commute together! 🚗 

Shut the hood

Did you know that every fume hood uses the same amount of energy as 3.5 households if they are left in the highest ventilation stance? Find out what can be done and how you can help by clicking this link!


Winter AID bike sale | 10:00-12:00

Regreening – whole day

Warm Sweater Week 2019