Green Impact Volunteers: improve sustainability at WUR!
Do you want to work with staff and other students to make WUR a more just and greener institution? Do you want to improve your employability skills in project management and leadership? Join Green Impact and get more info here!

New: carpooling group

Do you travel by car to Wageningen, and would like some company to share the ride (and costs)? Join the Wageningen University Carpooling group to commute together! 🚗 

Shut the hood

Did you know that every fume hood uses the same amount of energy as 3.5 households if they are left in the highest ventilation stance? Find out what can be done and how you can help by clicking this link!


Dutch Sustainability Day | whole day

Celebrate with us the Dag van de Duurzamheid – the Dutch Sustainability Day and be prepared for a Sustainability market that will knock your socks off. Green Office is also organizing awesome events around that day in collaboration with many other green organizations. Stay tuned for more updates.


Kick-off of Seriously Sustainable week | whole day

From October 8th till October 14th, Seriously Sustainable week will be organized by Green Office to promote and support all sustainable efforts and organizations that you can find at Wageningen University. Together with many students and staff we celebrated the last years and learned in many interesting workshops and lectures, the many facets sustainability has. Join us this year 🙂