New: carpooling group

Do you travel by car to Wageningen, and would like some company to share the ride (and costs)? Join the Wageningen University Carpooling group to commute together! 🚗 

Shut the hood

Did you know that every fume hood uses the same amount of energy as 3.5 households if they are left in the highest ventilation stance? Find out what can be done and how you can help by clicking this link!


Help us to improve sustainability of operations at WUR!

Do you do cutting-edge research? Maybe you see an opportunity to apply your results directly to how WUR operates. If yes, join Sustainability Board of Experts!


Kick-off Entrepreneurship for Sustainability @ TBA | 17:30 – 20:00

Entrepreneurship for Sustainability (E4S) is the annual series of lectures & workshops aiming to inspire and support students who want to set up their own sustainability initiative. During all sessions spread over 3 months, we hope to generate direct positive impact on the campus and beyond. You can find more info, buy your tickets and follow the events on Facebook here.

Volunteer Lunch @ Forum C107  | 12:30-13:15

We would like to invite you to our lunch event with Snack & Drinks to introduce to you the Green Office Volunteer Programme. Whether you are at WUR only for a few month or you are staying for years, you can always sign up for our vibrant team, be part of the Green Impact programme or join one of our coordinators as support. You can sign up here!