GIPA Vacancy: improve sustainability at WUR!
Do you want to work with staff and other students to make WUR a more just and greener institution? Do you want to improve your employability skills in project management and leadership? Join Green Impact and get more info here!

New: carpooling group

Do you travel by car to Wageningen, and would like some company to share the ride (and costs)? Join the Wageningen University Carpooling group to commute together! 🚗 

We are looking for new team members!

Our coordinators will leave our team to make next career steps. Would you like to follow their steps and join the green office team? Check out the vacancy page on our website and apply by 20/06!

Shut the hood

Did you know that every fume hood uses the same amount of energy as 3.5 households if they are left in the highest ventilation stance? Find out what can be done and how you can help by clicking this link!


Green Impact Workshop @ Impulse NCountR  | 19:30-21:00

his year, the Green Office is launching a new challenge: Green Impact. Originally designed in the UK in 2006, this interactive program aims to encourage staff to take simple actions on environmental and socio-economic issues in their offices. During the activity, the program will briefly be introduced through a short presentation. You can participate in some small games and discussions to learn more about the program and your role in it!


Trash Walk with Wageningen Schoon | 12:30 – 13:30 

A collaboration between Wageningen Schoon (for a litter free Wageningen) and Green Office – together we organise a Clean Up Walk on the campus. Wageningen Schoon supplies litter pickup tools, security vests and gloves. Join us for this Clean Up Walk on the campus during Frank Liefooghe’s exibition (Impulse).