Open Mind Lab

    Open Mind Lab

009A group of  enthousiastic students is working on a Studium Generale activity about ‘Education for Sustainability’.
This is done in collaboration with Studium Generale. Together they are preparing an interesting and inspiring series of lectures about the role of education in sustainability! The series will take place in June and will show different aspects of education and how sustainability plays/can play a role in this.  If you want to know more about Open Mind Lab at our university or if you also want to organize a Studium Generale activity, follow this link.

Education forms you to a great extent and is also the basis of your moral perspective and values on the world. But where should the focus be on in such a drastically changing world? Are we educated in the right way to tackle the challenges to make the world a more sustainable place


                 The series of lectures organized by this team will be as follows:

Prof. dr. Arjen Wals      ‘Are we educated to destroy the world?’
Prof. Phil Macnaghten  ‘How to build responsibility into academic practice?’

Dr. Pieter Lemmens       ‘Is technology our planet’s last resort?’

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