Vacancy Green Impact Project Assistant (GIPA):

Role Description

Do you want to work with staff and other students to make Wageningen University & Research (WUR) a more just and greener institution? Do you want to gain or improve your employability skills in project management, communications and leadership? Join Green Impact!

About Green Impact

Green Impact is a change and engagement programme – it helps people understand sustainability and social responsibility, shows them what concrete actions they can do at work and at home to make a difference, and supports them in achieving these actions.

Staff in all departments of the WUR are encouraged to form Green Impact teams that you can join as GIPA. Together with the team, you will implement simple and practical actions in the team’s department or area of work. Actions can be in the areas of energy, waste, and recycling, as well as education for sustainable development in the curriculum and research. The toolkit is online, allowing you and your team to track your actions and progress.

About the GIPA role

As GIPA, you will join one of the Green Impact teams. Your role is to encourage, motivate and support the team in implementing the toolkit actions in its department or area of work.

The role may involve the following tasks:

  • Meeting with your Green Impact team to discuss working arrangements.
  • Meeting with your team periodically to discuss progress and actions.
  • Supporting the team with its Green Impact actions.
  • Communicating with other GIPAs to support each other.
  • Communicating with Anke Martens on the progress of your Green Impact team (
  • Working with the team to ensure that their toolkit submission is on time.
  • Depending on the teams’ requirements and your availability, it might be possible to support more than one team.


  • 4-6 hour(s) a month (depending on your own availability)
  • This a voluntary post with great opportunities for professional and personal development through training and support.