Meet the team

Green Office is run by a team of five green-minded coordinators and enthusiastic volunteers.


Stephanie Löber

I am an MSc student in Communication & Innovation at WUR and hope to apply as much knowledge gained as possible to spread sustainability even more around campus. I am looking forward to connecting with you, when you have an innovative idea for improving sustainability at WUR.


Marta Eggers
Green Office manager

I think that Green Office has power to change Wageningen UR from inside. I am proud to see how Wageningen UR transforms into  a sustainable institution run with respect to people and natural environment. This gives me energy to work for Green Office!



Laura Sloot

I just finished my Bachelor Environmental Sciences and this year I will continue with the Master. For me, working at Green Office is a way to be active in making live on campus (even more) sustainable. And… it is great to meet people who are concerned about sustainability and to share ideas about several topics!

Cassandra Gonzalez

I am a Master student in Organic Agriculture from San Francisco, California. Working at Green Office with WUR’s catering enables me to bring more sustainable and nutritious food to campus! I welcome any ideas you have and would love your input!


Wouter Smolenaars

I am a first year master student in the International Land and Water Management.
My goal as Energy and IT coordinator is to make WUR even more sustainable! I hope to leave Wageningen a little better than I found it, and to also develop myself.