Meet the team

Green Office is run by a team of five green-minded coordinators and enthusiastic volunteers.



Linde Berg
Green Office Manager

I coordinate the entire team and I contribute to projects related to all our different portfolio’s. I am very happy to be working together with this motivated group of green-minded people and I am convinced that we can take some important steps towards a more sustainable university this year.

Stephanie Löber
Communication & Outreach Coordinator

I am an MSc student in Communication & Innovation at WUR and hope to apply as much knowledge gained as possible to spread sustainability even more around campus. I am looking forward to connecting with you when you have an innovative idea for improving sustainability at WUR.

Felicia Matz Wennerhed
Education & Research Coordinator

I’m a master student in Environmental Policy from Sweden, studying my first year here in Wageningen. My goal as Education coordinator at Green Office is to promote and integrate sustainability in the education at WUR and help spread innovative ideas for sustainability.

Cassandra Gonzalez
Food & Health Coordinator

I am a MSc student in Organic Agriculture from San Francisco, California. Working at Green Office with WUR’s catering and other involved stakeholders enables me to bring more sustainable and nutritious food to campus! I welcome any ideas you have and would love your input!

Rosalie Fidder
Energy & IT Coordinator

In September I started my MSc in Climate Studies here in Wageningen. I just joined the Green Office as Energy & IT coordinator and work on Warm Sweater Week and a project to save energy used by fume hoods, in the labs on campus. If you have any new ideas or input,  feel free to message me! 

Anke Martens
Green Impact Coordinator

Over one year ago, I started my master in Environmental science at the WUR, since I am enthusiastic about the fact that the WUR is green-minded. I am very happy to announce that I will be the coordinator of the new Green Impact Programme which will be launched in March and hope to motivate many to join.