Meet people who support Green Office Wageningen


Erna Maters
Policy officer CSR


Joke Luttik
Head department Safety and Environment


Joris Fortuin
Head Integrated Facility Management


Liesbeth van der Linden
Policy officer Corporate Education, Research & Innovation


Sustainability Board of Experts

Meet Sustainability Board of Experts. It is a group  of researchers knowledgeable about different aspects of sustainability.
They give input and feedback to Facility Services and Green Office on ways to improve sustainability of WUR’s operations.

Emmy Van Daele
WUR Microbiology

Ynte van Dam
WUR Marketing and Consumer Behaviour

Jessica Duncan
WUR Rural Sociology

Emil Georgiev
The Sustainability Consortium
Wageningen Economic Research

Neli Prota
WUR Management Studies

Karin Schroen
WUR Food Process Engineering

Robin Smale
WUR Environmental Policy

Valentina Tassone
WUR Education and
Competence Studies

Stefan Wahlen
WUR Sociology of Consumption
and Households

Joeri Willet
WUR Environmental Technology

Lucia Zwart
WUR Environmental Technology