Meet the team

Green Office Wageningen is run by a team of six green-minded coordinators and an enthusiastic group of volunteers.


Django Milner Vaas
Green Office Manager

I’m a Food Quality Management student, specialising in Quality Control and Assurance. I joined the Green office as a volunteer in my first year, as I’ve always wanted to have something sustainability-related going on. My bachelor’s study was in Environmental Science and Sustainability, and since then I’ve been involved with research into community-based sustainable initiatives. Following those experiences, I strive to support sustainability in my network as much as possible, as many grass-roots movements can have a surprising impact!

I’m grateful to be able to meet many people from Wageningen and all over the world and to help strengthen green networks. I also get the chance to engage volunteers and contribute to promoting sustainability within WUR and other communities.


Tamara Kedves
Communication & Outreach Coordinator

I am a second-year bachelor’s student in Animal Sciences, specializing in the Biological Functioning of Animals. I first stumbled upon the topic of sustainability related to veganism, and ever since, I have been actively trying to create a more sustainable lifestyle for myself, while helping others. Being involved in every project in some way, my role at the Green Office is to promote our events, so that more and more students take a part in our activities. I aim to bring creativity into everything I do, this is why I am especially grateful to be able to work in a role that allows me to experiment with different ways of reaching people. Effective communication has power- and I hope that power drives WUR towards a more sustainable future.

Pratik Gupta
Education & Research Coordinator

I am a student in the MSc Climate Studies program, focusing on Human-Environment interactions. Given how environmental and societal issues are tangled with each other, I see sustainability as an interdisciplinary challenge requiring alternate ways of thinking. So how education and research around sustainability are perceived and conducted at WUR is extremely important for me! This role is a great opportunity to promote a more inclusive and holistic view of sustainability and fits well with my personal, academic, and professional experiences, and long-term interests. Involving the students and faculty in this ‘mindset shift’ is crucial, as they can be change-makers and leaders that influence the debate and perception of sustainability in general society. If you have any innovative ideas about it, do not hesitate to approach us!

Paula Medina
Food & Health Coordinator

Being part of the Green Office has allowed me to see the university through a different lens. It gives me the opportunity to hear the opinions of both employees and students and to come up with ways to make WUR a more sustainable place. I’m excited about the upcoming academic year!

Sem Zijta
Campus & Operations Coordinator

I am currently a BSc student in Environmental Sciences and before this, I was a student in Philosophy. My different studies helped me develop a more comprehensive vision of sustainability, and have given me the opportunity to get involved in different topics related to sustainability! Through my work for the Green Office, I try to make WUR more sustainable. Working together with students and researchers is an amazing way of achieving this purpose, and at the same time connecting with people. Operations on campus relate to circularity, energy, and biodiversity. If you are interested in any of these topics, want to give input, or get involved, feel free to contact us!

Kristína Smiešková

Community & Network Coordinator

Green Office Volunteers

Green Office Wageningen also has an enthusiastic group of volunteers that work together in different project teams. A huge thanks to Niharika Chauhan, Clara Colonna, Emmy Van Daele, Nathan Lee, Nathalie van der Wel, Natasha Desai, Amy Jonkers, Ashay Shah, Sara Sottoriva, Mae Glaese, Lana Migayrou, Lisa de Graaf, Riemer van der Vliet, Laura Wilson, Stella Brugman, Vignesh Manoharan, Sonia Macacci, Svenja Herrmann, Malou Blonk, Jitske Fijneman, Yu Ling Chang, Aishwarya Muralidharan, Bhawana Shivaloti, Lucas Sawosko, Priyadarshini Pongalur Selvaraj, Zaki Ruhyaman Bakran, and Marta Battistel. We couldn’t do it without your support!