Meet the team

Green Office Wageningen is run by a team of six green-minded coordinators and an enthusiastic group of volunteers.


Linde Berg
Green Office Manager

My main task is to coordinate the team and support them with all the different projects of the Green Office. I work closely together with both students and staff and I am very happy to be part of this motivated group of green-minded people. We are a good team and I am convinced that we can take some important steps towards a more sustainable university together.

Valentina Verduchi
Communication & Outreach Coordinator

I am a MSc student in Forest and Nature Conservation and Urban Environmental management, both fields of study in which sustainability is a core value. My green-mind and my academic background brought me to the Green Office, first as a volunteer and then as part of the coordinators’ team. As Communication & Outreach Coordinator, my main task is to let people know about who we are and what we did/are doing/will do for making WUR more sustainable.  My challenging goal is to rise interest and awareness about sustainability, amongst students and non-students.
Do you have any idea that would make Wageningen University more sustainable? Let me know! Together we can improve sustainability at WUR!

Fabiola Mustafaj
Education & Research Coordinator

I am a first year MSc student in Aquaculture and Marine Resource Management and did my BSc in Environmental Science and Technology by specialising in different sectors like environmental engineering, ecotoxicology and policy. The multidisciplinarity of  this role at the Green Office fits well with my education and interests and I believe it will be a useful tool for collaborating with teachers and students from diverse backgrounds. I hope to improve sustainability of  education at the WUR and to contribute to a university that creates future sustainability change-makers and leaders! 

Tasneemah Potmis
Food & Health Coordinator

Currently, I am following the master Molecular Nutrition & Toxicology and I finished the bachelor Nutrition & Health, both at the WUR. Being part of the Green Office has allowed me to learn a lot about different food-related areas at the university and made it possible to implement changes and have a real impact towards a more sustainable university. I am very excited to put into practice my background in food and health while actively working towards sustainable food on campus. My current focus is to make food and beverage practices at WUR more sustainable.
Since food and health are both areas where sustainability can be improved even more, do not hesitate to contact me for ideas! 

Abdul Manaf
Campus & Operations Coordinator

I am currently enrolled as a student in the Environmental Science program specialized in Environmental Science Analysis.  My work in the Green Office is quite wide since it involves all the aspects of sustainability within campus and operations. For example are energy, water, circularity, and biodiversity. Being a new division in the Green Office opened up a whole lot of possibilities that can be explored. So if you have any innovative ideas feel free to approach us, and we will help you implement them!

Sonja Greil
Community Coordinator

Last year in February, I started my master’s in Forest and Nature conservation at the WUR. Besides the study, I was looking for some practical involvement with sustainability and came across the Green Office. Excited about the contribution they do to make WUR more sustainable, I applied and was very happy to be joining the team as the community coordinator working closely with the volunteers, employees and other organisations from the Green Active Network.

Green Office Volunteers

Green Office Wageningen also has an enthusiastic group of volunteers that work together in different project teams. We would like to introduce you to…. David Katzin, Elaine Huang, Emmy Van Daele, Evi-Mara van Beekhuizen, Han Lai, Jeroen van Gils, Jerry Gumbs, Johanna Merten, Linn Applegren, Marisol Espino, Nicole Keukens, Olga Valenti, Rosanne Wapenaar, Sara van de Velde, Sophie de Maat, Valentina Delconte and Xiaqu Zhou.