Our Vision

Our Vision

Green Office Wageningen (GOW) supports Wageningen University & Research (WUR) to be a frontrunner in sustainability. We aim to do so by providing an internal critical voice within WUR, giving advice, and reflecting on internal policy makers’ decisions. GOW envisions a future at WUR where all community members work together to create a more environmentally conscious, socially responsible, and healthy institution. 

Our vision is comprised of three elements: 


As a network, we believe that the passion and innovative ideas of students, researchers, staff, and policy makers are essential to driving sustainable change at WUR. By connecting individuals from different disciplines, backgrounds, and areas of expertise, we aspire to be a hub where ideas can be shared, knowledge can be exchanged, and collaborations can be formed. 


GOW strives to be the go-to place for sustainable dialogue, information, action, and to be widely recognized both within and outside of WUR, as a hub for sustainability. Through effective communication channels, both physically and digitally, we aim to facilitate engagement with the Green Office, provide access to resources, and foster connections within the community.  


We aspire to make an impact by facilitating valuable, sustainable changes within WUR. Our initiatives target peoples’ mindset and behavior and policies that guide WUR. We continue to make an impact by supporting sustainable projects, organizing activities, assisting WUR’s sustainable transformation, and connecting stakeholders within WUR. 

In short, the Green Office Wageningen is committed to fostering a culture of collaboration, innovation, and sustainability across WUR.