Circular Farming Platform Wageningen

Cicular Farming Platform Wageningen

Wageningen University & Research is one of the best agricultural Universities of the world, and thereby has a large impact on the development of farming practices worldwide. In the past, the focus has been a lot in creating higher yields by increasing productivity, but times are changing and sustainability is becoming more and more important. We believe that WUR could and should be a frontrunner in this transition towards circularity, by combining the expertise of our University on agriculture and sustainability and thereby playing an important role in making farming systems all over the world more sustainable.

The Circular Farming Platform Wageningen (CFPW) has the mission to support this paradigm shift in agricultural sciences from improvement of productivity towards improvement of circularity. The platform is a collaboration between the Green Office, Boerengroep, WEP, AgriForum and Smart Fertilization Systems and is open to everyone. Together, we aim at a stronger integration of circular thinking in study programs of WUR. Besides, the platform stimulates the dialogue about this topic among students from different study programs by organizing multiple activities per year and one big annual forum during Seriously Sustainable Week in October.

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