Green Career: Courses and Vacancies

Green Career: Courses and Vacancies

Green Office wants to support students to develop themselves as working professionals. We do this by promoting courses about sustainability and by sharing vacancies for sustainable internships, jobs and other opportunities. Many interesting vacancies can be found on our Linkedin page.

We have collected all courses that are taught in the upcoming period and are related to sustainability. We will update this list for every period before the registration deadline, so you can always check it out if you are interested in a green career! The registration deadline for period 3 in 2022 is the 27th of November.

Period 2:

Communicating for Sustainability and Responsible Innovation (CPT-22306)

Pre-required knowledge: ESA-10309 and ENP-10806 or FNP-11806. Students who do not take part in one of the environmental sciences programmes or forest and nature conservation are supposed to have knowledge of environmental policy. All students are expected to be able to read and evaluate complex social scientific articles and to participate in group work activities.  

Social Transformations towards Sustainable Food Systems (RSO-34806) 

Pre-required knowledge: Basic knowledge of sustainable food systems 

Environmental Philosophy and Ecological Restoration (CPT50306)

Pre-required knowledge: None stated 

Business, Human Rights & the Environment (LAW58306) 

Pre-required knowledge: None stated 

Embodiment, Food & Environment (CPT56806) 

Pre-required knowledge: None stated 

Environmental Justice in Practice (WRM51806) 

Pre-required knowledge: None stated 

Persuasion in Consumer Communication for Sustainability (CPT23306) 

Pre-required knowledge: Students have knowledge that at least cover the content of two of the following courses: CPT-12306, CPT-25306, MCB20806 or MCB30306. 

Environmental Policy: Analysis and Evaluation (ENP34306) 

Pre-required knowledge: None stated 

Environmental Quality and Governance (ENP35806) 

Pre-required knowledge: As students participating in this course can have a variety of backgrounds (e.g. in fields like ecology, policy-making and environmental sociology, or environmental toxicology and water quality) no specific knowledge is assumed except a BSc degree in one of the fields named above. Besides, students are expected to be eager to learn more about the 'other' fields of science and how different disciplines relate. You understand that an interdisciplinary approach is vital for everyone aspiring for a future in environmental management. 

Environmental Systems Analysis: Methods and Applications (ESA22806) 

Pre-required knowledge: Introduction soil quality, water quality, air quality. 

Leading and Organizing for Sustainability (BMO36306) 

Pre-required knowledge: The course builds on knowledge of Business Theories & Sustainability and Strategic marketing for market transformation. Students that have not attended these courses will be asked to read a list of scientific research articles to familiarize themselves with the topics. 

Sustainability Transitions: Concepts, Issues and Indicators (ENP23806) 

Pre-required knowledge: General understanding of environmental problems and sustainability, achieved in introductory courses like ENP-11303 Sustainable Solutions to Environmental Problems and ESA-10309 Environmental Sciences and Society. 

Transformative sustainability practices for systemic change (ENP39406) 

Pre-required knowledge: We assume that students enrolling in this course have a BSc level education in social sciences or have completed one of the following courses: Grand challenges for the governance of sustainability transformations, ENP34306 Environmental Policy: Analysis and Evaluation, ENP23806 Sustainability Transitions: Concepts, Issues and Indicators. 

Period 3:

Communities, Conservation and Development (FNP31306) 

Pre-required knowledge: Basic knowledge of Ecology and Social Science 

Gender and Natural Resources Management (WRM33806) 

Pre-required knowledge: None stated 

Advanced Comparative Public Governance for Sustainability Transformations(PAP32306)

Pre-required knowledge: Grand challenges for the governance of sustainability transformations (YSS-xxxxx); Transformative sustainability practices for systemic change (ENP-xxxxx); Governance and Policy Change (PAP30806) or equivalent. Basic programming skills are recommended, but not essential. 

Development of Sustainable Food Based Dietary Guidelines (HNH-32506) 

Pre-required knowledge: Basic and Advanced Statistics, Research methodology for nutrition research, basics in epidemiology 

Sustainability in Food Chains (FPE31806) 

Pre-required knowledge: FPE-10808 Food Production Chains or ORL-20306 Decision Science 1; FPE-20306 Food Engineering 

Governance for Sustainable Cities (ENP36806) 

Pre-required knowledge: Bachelor-level knowledge of urban environmental management, environmental sciences, and environmental policy. 

Sociology in Development: Towards a Critical Perspective (SDC32806) 

Pre-required knowledge: RSO-34306 Theorizing Development: Implications for Research 

Intercultural perspectives: moral status of animals and humans (CPT55403) [3 ECTS]

Pre-required knowledge: None stated 

Resistance, Power and Movements (SDC53806) 

Pre-required knowledge: None stated