Green Career: Courses and Vacancies

Green Career: Courses and Vacancies

Green Office wants to support students to develop themselves as working professionals. We do this by promoting courses about sustainability and by sharing vacancies for sustainable internships, jobs and other opportunities. Many interesting vacancies can be found on our Linkedin page.

Sustainable Courses

We have collected a small number of courses that are thought at WUR and are focused on sustainability. It is not an extensive overview of all sustainable courses that are out there, but it is meant as inspiration. Did you also take a course that is about sustainability and is not in this list? Send us an email at

Period 1
ESA-23306 Introduction to Climate Change in a Global Change Context

Period 2
CPT-22306 Communicating for Sustainability and Responsible Innovation
RSO-34806 Social Transformations towards Sustainable Food Systems

Period 3
HNH-32506 Development of Sustainable Food Based Dietary Guidelines

Period 4
ELS-53506 Empowerment for Sustainability

Period 5
MCB-50306 Sustainable Marketing

Period 6
ELS-31806 Environmental Education and Learning for Sustainability
ELS-32806 Teaching, Learning and Capacity Building for Sustainable Development.