Green Career: Courses and Vacancies

Green Career: Courses and Vacancies

Green Office wants to support students to develop themselves as working professionals. We do this by promoting courses about sustainability and by sharing vacancies for sustainable internships, jobs and other opportunities. Many interesting vacancies can be found on our Linkedin page.

We have collected all courses that are taught in the upcoming period and are related to sustainability. We will update this list for every period before the registration deadline, so you can always check it out if you are interested in a green career! The registration deadline for period 6 in 2023 is the 16th of April.

Period 6:

Responsible Learning Organization for Sustainability (ELS59206) 

Pre-required knowledge: None mentioned 

Educational Design and Teaching for Sustainability (ELS32806) 

Pre-required knowledge: ELS-31806 or comparable experience in teaching and/or training. 

MES students who take the combination of ELS31806 and ELS32806 as AMC variant shoul have passed at least 12 credits of their MSc programme. 

Analytical Methods for Sustainable Business and Innovation (YSS38806) 

Pre-required knowledge: Students are assumed to have basic knowledge on, and experience with, setting up questionnaires (e.g. multi-item scales) and the following quantitative data-analysis techniques: descriptive data analysis (e.g. means), correlations, multiple regression analysis, t-tests, ANOVA and exploratory factor analysis. For qualitative methods students are supposed to know about principles of qualitative research, such as how to set-up a qualitative research design in which a practical problem is worked out into research questions and a data-collection plan; design an interview guide and observation plan and carry out data collection for qualitative research by means of both interviews and observations; code textual material for further analysis; and discuss the relation between data collection and data analysis in qualitative research. 

Cost-Benefit Analysis and Environmental Valuation (AEP32306) 

Pre-required knowledge: Fundamental concepts of microeconomics, such as indifference curves, utility maximisation, consumer surplus, producer surplus, decision trees (as taught in ENR-21306, DEC-10306, or UEC-21806); basic knowledge of statistics, such as expected values, mean, standard deviation, logarithms 

Environmental Education and Learning for Sustainability (ELS31806) 

Pre-required knowledge: Masters students and 3rd year Bachelor students with at least some background in social sciences (e.g. in education, communication, sociology, philosophy or psychology) and experience in interdisciplinary team work can join this course. MES students who take the combination of ELS31806 and ELS32806 as AMC variant should have passed at least 12 credits of their MSc programme. 

Environmental Economics in Practice (ENR21806) 

Pre-required knowledge: ENR-21306 Environmental Economics for Environmental Sciences or ENR-20306 Environmental Economics and Policy. 

Strategic Planning in Forest and Nature Conservation (FNP30306) 

Pre-required knowledge: FEM-20909 Forest and Nature Conservation II - Management Planning and Tools; FNP-23303 Planning: Theories, Tools and Practices. 

Advanced International Environmental Politics and Diplomacy (ENP39306) 

Pre-required knowledge: ENP-30306 International Environmental Policy or background in social science and environmental policy. 

The Origins of Global Economic Inequality (RHI30806) 

Pre-required knowledge: Some basic knowledge of economic theory and quantitative analyses