Food & Health

The focus of the Food & Health portfolio is to make food, beverage, and food-related topics at Wageningen University & Research more sustainable. We aim to do this by advising the caterers and the food and beverage policy makers about sustainable food changes fit for the Wageningen campus.

The projects of this portfolio are often in aimed at the different catering companies on campus. We try to inspire them to provide sustainable food and reduce the amount of packaging,  disposables and food waste. We also try to make the students at Wageningen more aware about food related topics, and encourage them to have a more sustainable mindset about food at both the university and at home.

Food & Health Coordinator: Paula Medina

Current projects

Student Cooking Corner

Reuse Revolution II - (Billie Cup)

Circular Farming Platform Wageningen 

New WUR catering vision on food and beverages

Stress & Health project


Meatless Monday

Reuse Revolution I - (Keepcup)