Warm Sweater Week

Warm Sweater Week

This year marked the fourth edition of Warm Sweater Week!

Warm Sweater Week

In 2018, we managed to save 10% of the normal energy use on heating in Orion and Forum! The following graphs show a breakdown of this:

Green: kettles, red: heat pumps. The greyscale bars note the baseline energy use in GJ. The baseline week we used was the week of 5-11 February, which was temperature-wise similar to WSW.

We hope that this week inspired you to also turn down the thermostat in your own home, and be creative in other ways to adopt an even more sustainable lifestyle!





On Tuesday you could join us for a workshop DIY natural (vegan) cosmetics!

And on Friday we organised a Sweater Swap together with WEP!

Warm Sweater Week 2017