Warm Sweater Week

Warm Sweater Week

This project was set up in 2015 with two main goals in mind: to save energy at WUR and to raise awareness about saving energy amoung students and staff. During the Warm Sweater Week, the temperature in the educational buildings on campus is reduced. Besides, we always organise different activities to keep you warm and inspire you to save some energy yourself.

Over the years, the goals of the Warm Sweater week stayed the same, but the approach of the project has changed. Were it was a big (technical) challenge in the beginning, it became more and more of a standard procedure. Thereby, WUR is a loyal participant of the national “warmetruiendag” every year.

Warm Sweater Week 2018

In 2018, we managed to save 10% of the normal energy use on heating in Orion and Forum! The graph below shows a breakdown of this. The Green bars stand for the kettles and the red bars for the heat pumps. The greyscale bars represent the baseline energy use in GJ. The baseline week we used was the week of 5-11 February, which was temperature-wise similar to WSW.

Besides, there were some fun activities again. Like this Warm Sweater Swap together with WEP! We hope that this week inspired you to also turn down the thermostat in your own home, and be creative in other ways to adopt an even more sustainable lifestyle!

Warm Sweater Week 2017

For the third time in a row, Green Office Wageningen hosted the Warm Sweater Week. After evaluation of previous years, the approach for Warm Sweater Week 2017 has changed. Instead of a two degree decrease for one week, the heating was turned down by only 0.5 degrees for three weeks. This saves energy without making it very cold. The Warm Sweater Week itself was filled with many cool events and activities. We enjoyed a grand opening with a second hand market and a performance by student band the Chestnut. We watched a Comedy Show on climate change and powered our own cinema. Creativity was expressed during a cup painting session and a knitting workshop to round it all up. We are looking forward to next year!