Wageningen Sustainability Guide

Wageningen Sustainability Guide

Welcome to Wageningen!

Coming to a new city is exciting! Especially when you are a student. There are many things to discover; new people to meet, places to visit, food to try and new experience to try.
All this could be daunting for some of you who will be living alone for the first time. You don’t know where to do groceries, where to find the best deals, good places to hang out or eat and a community or organisations that suit your liking. That’s exactly how we felt when we first came to Wageningen as new students.
For students who are into sustainability, it is even more challenging. We’ve read and heard that Wageningen University & Research is the most sustainable campus. Even the city has a lot of initiatives to help its citizens to be more eco-friendly. However, we didn’t know where to start. Can I do zero waste shopping here? Where to go for second-hand shopping? How about the waste separation? Which green organisations that I can join?
Worry no more! From the Green Office, we try to find a way to make your new life in Wageningen seamlessly transitioned more sustainable. Hence this sustainable guidebook was born.
With this guide, we hope to help you to navigate your new life in Wageningen sustainably. So this guidebook is for everyone! Whether you are a veteran in a sustainable lifestyle or a newbie. We will provide you with practical advice and ideas to implement sustainability and eco-friendly actions in your daily life on and off-campus.

Read and download the guide here!

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