Enhance your knowledge on sustainability by choosing the right courses!

Do you want to become a sustainability leader and change maker?

Do you feel like enhancing your knowledge on sustainability? Perhaps you are following courses that already incorporate sustainability in the lectures and have a feeling that it is enough knowledge on the topic or perhaps you would like to open up your horizons on this beautiful topic!

To help direct students towards useful and interesting courses in the themes of People, Profit and Planet, the Green Office scanned through the complete list of courses offered in Wageningen University and Research and selected the most suitable for students interested in undergoing this journey of self development for a better future!

The list provided underlines the name and code of the course, period in which the course it is offered, the target audience (MSc and BSc) and which of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals the course focuses on.

We hope this will be a nice overview for everyone interested!

If you may have any further suggestions on updating the list, please send an email to greenoffice@wur.nl!

Fabiola Mustafaj

Education and Research Coordinator

Course code ESA-23306 BMO-26806CPT-22306 ENP-23806RSO-34806 BMO-33806LAW-22306FPE31806WRM-33806FPE-31806ENT-21306HNH-32506 
Course nameIntroduction to Climate Change in a Global Change ContextCircular EconomyCommunicating for Sustainability and Responsible InnovationSustainability Transitions: Concepts, Issues and IndicatorsSocial Transformations towards Sustainable Food SystemsEntrepreneurship in the Circular Economy
Course schedule
International and EU Environmental LawSustainability in Food ChainsGender and Natural Resources ManagementSustainable food chainsInsects as Food and FeedDevelopment of Sustainable Food Based Dietary Guidelines
BSc xxxx x x x
No Poverty   x   x
Zero Hunger   x   xx
Good Health and Well-being xxxx   xxx
Quality Education   x x   
Gender Equality   x     
Clean Water and Sanitationx xx x  x  
Affordable and Clean Energyxx xx x  x  
Decent Work and Economic Growth x x x xx  
Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure x xxxx x  
Reduced Inequality x  x x xx
Sustainable Cities and Communities x xxx  x  
Responsible Consumption and Production x x   x x
Climate Actionxx  x  x x
Life Below Water   x  x  
Life on Land  x x     
Peace and Justice Strong Institutions   x     
Partnerships to achieve the Goal  xx  x     
List of courses from period 1 to 3 with course code, title, target audience and 17 Sustainable development goals
Course code ELS-53506 ENR-31306ESA-20806ETE-34806MCB-50306 ENP-33306ELS-31806 ELS-32806 ELS-59206 
Course nameEmpowerment for SustainabilityEconomics and Management of Natural ResourcesPrinciples of Environmental SciencesResource Quality in the Circular EconomySustainable MarketingEnvironment and DevelopmentEnvironmental Education and Learning for SustainabilityTeaching, Learning and Capacity Building for Sustainable Development.Responsible Learning Organization for Sustainability
BSc    x   x
MScxxxx xxxx
No Poverty    
Zero Hunger     
Good Health and Well-beingxx xx 
Quality Educationxx   xx 
Gender Equalityx    
Clean Water and Sanitation xx    
Affordable and Clean Energy xx  xx
Decent Work and Economic Growth x   x
Industry, Innovation and Infrastructurexxxxxx 
Reduced Inequalityxxxxx x
Sustainable Cities and Communities xxxxx
Responsible Consumption and Productionxxx xx 
Climate Actionxxx xxxx 
Life Below Water xx    
Life on Land x    
Peace and Justice Strong Institutionsxx    
Partnerships to achieve the Goalx        
List of courses from period 4 to 6 with course code, title, target audience and 17 Sustainable development goals

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