New opportunities for sustainable living in Wageningen?

New opportunities for sustainable living in Wageningen?

A student’s reflections from SeSu 2020.

The Seriously Sustainable (SeSu) Week this year highlighted diverse aspects of sustainability: ecological, economic and social sustainability through a variety of events from inspirational talks to a second hand clothes swap. Hopefully you had the opportunity to attend some of these events, learn some new things, and find new inspiration! However, as most events were restricted or even cancelled due to the ongoing pandemic, we thought it would be great to write up a handy little summary of what’s new in Wageningen’s opportunities for student friendly sustainable-living for you to refer to after SeSu 2020.

The list of sustainable ‘swaps’ and lifestyle changes we can adopt is ever expanding; from reusable coffee cups to making your own toothpaste . Where can you find sustainable swaps in Wageningen and on a student budget? I’ve got you covered. My job here is to research the new sustainable alternatives here in Wageningen and write them up on this blog! In this case I will guide you through the SeSu week with my reflections on the second hand clothes swap and the opening of Wageningen’s new zero waste shop.

Clothes swap to clothes corner

Have you been looking for sustainable, fashionable and warm clothes on a student budget? Then look no further. During the SeSu 2020, the Wageningen Environmental Platform (WEP) organised a student run Clothes Swap at Thuis. It was a big hit and so it has been transformed into a permanent clothes corner in the WEP’s office. A place you can either pick up a new item, no need to swap, or drop off some old clothes and pick something new. So come by next time you’re on campus and find yourself a new cosy, winter outfit without buying new clothes!

Clothes swapping is becoming more and more popular – this is good news because global consumption of new clothes is 400% higher than in the 80s. Fast fashion is a leading cause of environmental degradation and poor working environments. Of course there are many leading sustainable clothes brands out there but these are often expensive, especially for students. This is why clothes swapping, particularly in student circles is so great! Who knows you might just find that cosy flannel shirt or jacket you’ve been wanting. 
*Bonus Tip: There is also a new ‘boutique’ for clothes swapping located at Thuis inspired by SeSu! It is called the ‘Wisselboetik’.

Clothes swap at Thuis
(Photos: Green Office Team)

Opening of De Gieterij – Wageningen’s new zero waste shop

Towards the end of the SeSu week Wageningen gained a new sustainable shop: De Gieterij! A place for zero waste and organic, sustainable food shopping! The shop was officially opened on the 10th of October and Cait from Wageningen Environmental Platform (WEP) led a tour of some of Wageningen’s sustainable shops, finishing at De Gieterij for the grand opening. 

At De Gieterij you will be able to find everything from grains to nuts, seeds and pasta. All you need to do is come with your own containers. They also offer bulk packages of lentils, homemade soaps and candles, and fresh bread from Wageningen’s famous baker Ivo’s Bread & Pizza – their raisin buns are to die for!

Opening of De Gieterij (Photo: De Gieterij)

By: Laura Wilson

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